Take a disabled or elderly family member on an outing or special event! make that special day -SPECIAL!Accessories

Lowered Wheelchair with head support

NZ$10.00 a day

This chair is lowered to accommodate taller passenger.
This very commonly prescribed, lightweight alloy wheelchair has numerous options, accessories and setting possibilities


Support bar

Free with any vehicle rental

A portable handle bar that slips into the bracket on your car door pillar. When getting into and out of your car, put one hand on your car door armrest, this gives you two secure hand holds.


Customer Feedback

"Thank you for the great service you provided our family last weekend. I booked the Toyota Funcargo at very short notice, but the car was delivered that same afternoon. The car was very well equipped and easy to use, and it made a huge difference to our family’s weekend. The customer service was great." - Conal

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